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add to the list of shitty things i am realizing; for the past 3 years, i’ve had cash in my wallet at all times. between getting paid at the pet shop in cash and my tips from restaurants or both, i always had anywhere from $40-$50 in my wallet. never had to trip on food or weed, i always had some throw on it. but now, i have $10 in my wallet and $20 in the bank and i get paid twice a month and money doesn’t seemingly come out of nowhere anymore. this means only one thing, learning to manage my money and after all these years, maybe becoming an adult.

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  1. thecrench said: i feel you on that one, i get paid bimonthly also and that last few days before payday are pretty miserable. Hang in there
  2. collegeforbirds said: Relating so hard right now
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