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i wonder if people are ever weirded out by the fact that i don’t wear a bra. i wonder if people in public notice. i wonder what people i’m being sexual with think when they put their hands in my shirt to find nothing underneath. i was talking to my roommate about what i was going to wear to my job interview and she told me to wear a bra, but that would be wrong. to show up one day looking one way, get hired and then come to work from then on looking different would be, unfair. but i question how noticeable it is to the unsuspecting eyes….stating at my chest…

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  1. bunkweed said: Lucky. I haven’t been either but mine sag so whatever
  2. livehighlivemighty420 said: if my boobs were a little bigger id never wear a bra lol but it be really noticable for me so i just take them off the moment i get home :D
  3. fisheyed said: Necessary fronts aside, I don’t think its all that noticeable.
  4. rawnprice said: Interviews are all about putting up fronts. Sad but true.
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  6. gagaganja said: I literaly never wore a bra for a year and just reciently started wearing sports bras and they are pretty awesome
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    Well, 9 times out of 10, I don’t wear a bra. Unless my shirt needs it. If I were to go to a job interview, I’d wear a...
  8. 3iis said: bras are so fake, natural is nice.
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