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fisheyed said: I know you keep yourself pretty busy these days. Do you miss art school at all? Thats how I found your blog initially. I still have mad love for your photos. Funny how shit changes though.

honestly, i do miss school sometimes. when i was in school, i was in a really bad place in my life, i just didn’t know it. my most recent relationship stripped me of my energy and creativity. i never went to school because i would stress vomit like 3-4 times a day. i’m not lying. it was terrible. but i still don’t know if i could go back to art school, or any school for that matter, it’s just never been my thing. i’d rather work and make money. then again, we say that shit now.

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  1. theillmatique said: man i feel you girl. glad you’re in a better place now
  2. dankandmusic said: ugh agree 100% with that
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