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TMI Sunday Morning

I had sex with this guy last night and he accidentally put it in my butt and now my butt really hurts and I don’t think Ima fuck him anymore.

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  1. johnjohnnyyjohn said: there’s no such thing as “accidentally” from a guy
  2. koleward reblogged this from stoneyxochi
  3. grizzlyonthabluff said: "accidentally" hahaha
  4. blurreddirection said: I’m sorry you didn’t like it in the butt :c you want a butt massage?
  5. javixxxl said: ouch!!!!
  6. madeyedscreamer said: never an accident, always an “accident”.
  7. thegreatestexpectations said: hahaa, it’s never an accident :P
  8. lesgrace said: love
  9. rawkbeez said: Lol!
  10. hotzombies said: that happened to me once, and he still denies it happened to this day