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maybe it’s because I’m drunk, but right now, at this very moment, I am so tired. tired of trying so hard and giving so much of myself to just end up alone again and again and again. and I keep trying to be nice like that’s gong to get me anywhere. how many times have I done this how? how many opportunities have I let slip by because of some far-fetched idea of ‘we fell in love in our twenties and lived happily ever after’ bullshit. Xochi, this is real life. and as much as your life might resemble a movie of a sad and miserable littler girl, there is no happy ending. there is no Prince Charming. no one coming to your rescue. no one is going to make it better.
so do it yourself.

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  3. dankandmusic said: trippin. good girls get treated right, not saying ur not a good girl, but make a man work to be your man and he will stay there, dont just run into the next cute thing u see and be upset when he doesnt make u his gf after fucking
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