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I can’t concentrate.
You were the one who held his hand
after the fist fight that left his knuckles
like red wine on fresh-turned dirt.
All this time, and I always wanted to ask
if his blood on your hands
felt some kind of sacred.
I don’t think either of us were ever
any good for him.
Because you loved him bruised,
and I loved him bloody—
I know how it sounds, believe me, and
I have torn through rabbit holes
hunting for a better heart,
but I’ve got a weak spot for broken boys
and that
is my most disgusting feature.
You may not have loved him well,
but at least you loved him halfway whole.
Me? I would have kissed
the broken teeth from his mouth
and kept them all for myself.
I would have cracked open his crème brûlée chest
and eaten out the insides—
hung up his twisted x-rays on my walls
so I could never forget the look of a ruined heart.
I don’t break them myself, you see.
I just go collecting in the aftermath.
Grave robber for the still alive:
I may not kill anyone,
but I have never been afraid
to take what I need
to survive.
written by Ashe Vernon, ”Bad Habits 

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feeling super anxious. I can’t have 5 days off a week. it’s too much. I can’t do this much free time. I’ve been feeling more and more intolerant. everyone is getting on my nerves. I just need a change. I don’t know. gah.

happy #tiedyefriday #spad2014

make it happen Bay Area!


runwiththemob is tomorrow night! (Flaskmob on Instagram) 

Flask mob is the gather of like minded people set out to enjoy a walk through the city together. Pack a flask, hopefully a camera, and a positive attitude! 

This event is a great networking tool for anyone in the creative industry.

We have a very fun route planned through San Francisco for tomorrow night, I hope to see you all out!

Follow us on twitter incase you get lost! (Runwiththemob - twitter)

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zombie-babe asked: do you have a link to that bong cleaning tutorial by any chance?

it’s on my YouTube, there’s a link on my blog in the about me section!

one day I did some acid and I met up with my friend and we got sushi and we sat at the bar and the sushi chef just kept feeding us. it was amazing.

he smiles every time I kiss him. he makes me laugh more times a day than I can count. we already act like we’ve known each other forever. I wonder what’s gonna happen.