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pink champagne creme soda from @blumoakland #nofilterneeded
Fridays in the brewhouse. come hang out with #beerkitty and I!  (at Speakeasy Ales & Lagers)

I need to find a place to live outside of San Francisco. not Daly City. east bay. someone help.

fat kitties are not floppy, but they are fat. contrarily; floppy kitties are not fat, but they are floppy.

I used to have this thing so under control, what happened? bi-polar disorder always around to punch me in the face when I need to be reminded that it’s never going away.

I will love you through simple and the struggle.
written by Slug, Modern Man’s Hustle

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to the dome
no better way to start the day than @omedibles multi-herb daytime tincture made with cannabis sativa, ginger root and echinacea. these tinctures are not made with heat, so they don’t ‘get you high’ in ways you’d expect, as the THC has not been heat activated. absorbing cannabanoids and terpenes in a way that preserve the therapeutic properties of cannabis, giving you a light, buzzy sativa body high.