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zombie-babe asked: do you have a link to that bong cleaning tutorial by any chance?

it’s on my YouTube, there’s a link on my blog in the about me section!

one day I did some acid and I met up with my friend and we got sushi and we sat at the bar and the sushi just kept feeding us. it was amazing.

he smiles every time I kiss him. he makes me laugh more times a day than I can count. we already act like we’ve known each other forever. I wonder what’s gonna happen.

wedanceusa asked: dude i remember i started following you way back when you made your tutorial on cleaning your bong you're like the sickest stoner i follow on tumblr !

SO OLD hah crazy! thanks :)


Muertitos de Hambre 
disponible aquí!  / Prints available here! 
Gracias por ver y leer Mexicanfoodporn!!!
Thank you for viewing and reading Mexicanfoodporn!!!
- Por favor dejen el pie de nota, muchas gracias! / Please keep the information about the piece, Thank you very much!

i can’t make you look relaxed. yeah, i’m a photographer, but if you’re nervous, i can’t make you not look nervous. chill, you look great.

I’m sure you all have exciting plans for 4/20, and I wish you all the best in your adventures. but Bay Area locals, @coralreefer420 and I hope to catch you a week later at the 3rd annual 4/27 celebration. this year we’ll be raffling off a surprise gift brought to you by @aqualabtechnologies. be there by 4 for your chance to win! it’s not too far away so make your plans and see you then!
why not?