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I love my little corner of San Francisco. it may be far away from the rest of the city but I don’t mind it too much most of the time. especially when this walk is an everyday thing. #happyearthday #spad2014

alright guys! my friends at hyde street extracts and i are happy to bring you Getting Baked With Xochi! a hopefully bi-monthly YouTube series where we get together in the kitchen and prepare a stoney meal. the first episode is how to make cannabutter. i think a little differently so i cook a little differently. but it works, i swear. anyways, enjoy! and i’m looking forward to posting these more.

Smoothe Da Hustler, Raekwon, Fredro Starr, Mad Lion, Ripper (Smif-N-Wessun) & DJ Clark Kent

Rae with that A’s hat tho.

I hate being this anxious. I need to work. I so restless. all I can think about is how alone I am. and how much time I’m wasting. I wonder why he hasn’t tried to talk to me. I wonder what’s really going on. I’m so good at getting caught up. I just wanna cook for you and rub your back and have sex. I’m so bad at life.


GATS + Hess by hashimotocontemporary on Flickr.Art show at Hashimoto Contempory in San Francisco on May 3rd, 2014
the first episode of my new youtube segment is going live today! make sure you follow me on all forms of social media and see what’s good!
editing #gettingbakedwithxochi at 5am because I can.

I wish I could just live by myself.