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mix @therealchocowaska in your cold buster to make the day a little earlier. fuck these summer colds.

raisingnashville said: Hey I was browsing your ig the other day and saw a comment you posted about having a wifi sd card. I was just wondering what brand it was and any pros/cons you have about it? Thanks!

OKAY. maybe tumblr can help.

I bought the EyeFi 8g memory card and some ‘advanced’ SD to CF adapter. I have a Canon 7D. these cameras don’t have wifi capacity, so it didn’t work. I’ve heard of this app, shutterbug or something that makes it work. I dunno. help.

I used the card on my roommates T3i and it worked fine! connected fast and easy. it doesn’t wanna connect sometimes and I don’t know if it’s because there’s too much going on around me or my phone is bugging, but it always eventually does.


i can’t tell you how many times i’ve spoken up about harassment only to be told to “learn to take a compliment”.  
since when do “compliments” intrude on my space?  what kind of “compliment” makes a person feel unsafe or threatened?
harassment isn’t a compliment.  know the difference.
right back at it again  (at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport)


It’s good to remember that if you’re a straight white male human, sometimes your very best course of action when addressing a pressing human rights issue is to just shut the fuck up and be the non-racist/sexist/homophobic person that you know you are. At times you’ll feel the urge to voice your…

I flew Delta and ran into complications and missed my flight and all I got was this stupid shirt, and an awesome hotel room all to myself. I really wanted to get home to the bay tonight, but I guess we don’t always get what we want.
delayed flights in the midwest, I should have known… (at Chicago Midway International Airport)