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isn’t it weird how some people don’t text you back but some people will drive an hour and a half to fuck you.

I don’t know how to feel.

anyone know of any temporary/part time/side work I can do in SF for a little? got no hours until this new restaurant opens.

good morning
I love my little corner of San Francisco. it may be far away from the rest of the city but I don’t mind it too much most of the time. especially when this walk is an everyday thing. #happyearthday #spad2014

alright guys! my friends at hyde street extracts and i are happy to bring you Getting Baked With Xochi! a hopefully bi-monthly YouTube series where we get together in the kitchen and prepare a stoney meal. the first episode is how to make cannabutter. i think a little differently so i cook a little differently. but it works, i swear. anyways, enjoy! and i’m looking forward to posting these more.