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some more medicated roasted garlic spread, with raspberry balsamic vinaigrette and shredded mozzarella with fresh basil and organic heirloom tomato. dinner is served.

because of the Internet, and my following, I’ve always had this really terrible mentality that ‘I’m important because 10,000+ people on the Internet care about the things I do and say and you all have to care about my feelings and my ego.’ it’s really silly, but definitely an internal struggle. like, I’ve been on the Internet my whole life, and almost every friend I have IRL has first been an Internet friend. so I take all these voices to heart, not completely and not about everything, to an extent. but still. what I’m getting at is how I deal with these feelings of my ‘Internet importance’ or whatever not translating to real life, and consciously I know how stupid it all is. but subconsciously I’m still sad. so I joke, the best cure for all self-deprecating thoughts. so if I ever come at you all hot like ‘how dare you have a social life or a career or a family?’ I’m really just joking.

watching that nymphomanic movie, all the sex looks terrible. but;

'to me, love was just lust with jealousy added.'

at least I have an interview in a badass kitchen next week.

and I can’t talk to my boyfriend about my problems because he only knows how to talk about himself.

I got a ticket for fare evasion and it’s over $300. and I can contest it it by basically paying bail and then going to trail for it. so it’s either $300 or $100. most of me wants to ignore it an avoid Alameda county for the next 10 years. or just not do anything illegal. because no one wants to go to jail for fare evasion. it’s a little ridiculous that that’s an option.

miss #musty

white kids love to move to the hood and act like it gives the credibility.

thanks for the good night Oakland